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Welcome to the website of the Crowmarsh Parish Appraisal

Action plan now out!

A Crowmarsh Parish Action Plan has been created out of the results of the 2001 appraisal and feedback from the Appraisal Exhibition in 2004.

Click here for a PDF of the action plan.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access this file, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Abode Website.

This site marks the culmination of three years work by a group of volunteers led by Dr Andrew Johnson. The process started in 2001 when a comprehensive questionnaire was created and distributed to every household in the Crowmarsh Parish. The purpose of the survey was to obtain peoples views on such things as recreation, transport and environment.
Mongewell Church
Crowmarsh Post Office

Analysing the results from 780 questionnaires (60% response) was far more difficult and labour intensive then we had imagined, but we got there in the end!

After distributing a newsletter with some of the most interesting findings, we held a ‘parish appraisal exhibition’ at Crowmarsh School hall on the 6th and 7th March 2004.

This was an opportunity to see all of the results displayed on posters and the event was combined with displays of children’s work related to our parish, parish history, and the activities of local clubs and societies. The school hall was open throughout the two days for people to drop in and an arrany of refreshments were provided by a group of hard-working volunteers.

North Stoke Village Hall
Park View A number of issues have come out of the survey, such as support for more traffic calming, a youth club/café, a youth forum and a desire for additional play area/recreation facilities. Some of these issues we hope will be taken on as part of an action plan by the Crowmarsh Parish Council, but in many cases we would be looking for help from locals to make them a reality. Keep an eye on this site for further developments concerning the action plan.

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